Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for a submission to be posted?

There’s no estimated time or guarantee every photo submitted will be posted.  While we wish we could, we get many submissions daily and older ones constantly get pushed back.

How long has EFC been around?

Since January 2010 (as FuckYeahSexyChicks).

I hate your theme.  Change it?


I submit pics of girls who are hotter than the ones you post.  Why don’t you post my submissions?

If that’s how you feel, you should start up your own Tumblr dedicated to hot girls.

Do you accept video submissions?


Why do you post (insert name) so much?

Because we like her, obviously.

How come you don’t post enough (insert race) girls?

We post girls of every race.  There are already many blogs out there that cater to specific girls (we plug them all the time).

That girl isn’t sexy.  I thought this was supposed to be a blog about sexy chicks?

Sexy is subjective and comes in various forms.  Sexy has nothing to do with a girl being the absolute prettiest, its generally about confidence and having fun.  Even photographers will tell you that a girl being open and goofy can lead to some very sexy photos, regardless if she’s wearing a ton of makeup and looking like a goddess.

Will you follow my blog back?

EFC is a group blog.  Group blogs have more than one member and currently Tumblr doesn’t let these types of blogs follow others.

How many members does FYSC have?


What are ways to contact you?

Email or Twitter.